Aspergers and ADHD Counseling



​As a mother of five children with disorders such as ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder, I understand challenges faced by families. I have experience in helping with depression, anxiety, trauma, distressed marriages and behavior management. With an understanding and compassionate approach, I am open to all beliefs and paths to spirituality. I am experienced and can diagnose adults with Asperger's for a reasonable fee--most clinics charge additional costs to use methods designed for children. 

Specialties: Asperger & ADHD Adult diagnosis, Women with Aspergers, Young Adult Transitions and Anxiety Management, Marriage Counseling, Crises of Faith, Elementary, Middle & High School IEP, 504 & Behavior Management, ADHD Coaching, Depression, Mood Disorders, LGBTQ+, Trauma & Anxiety, Pre-Mission Assessments, & Vocational Rehabilitation Application Assistance. Offices in Salt Lake & Centerville


​"You are truly 
amazing.  Arlene, 
I feel as though you "get" me completely and in the very short time I've been going to you, you have shown me such compassion and concern, you have been and, I know will continue to be a wonderful influence
 in my life.  You make me laugh, smile, 
think and