Adults with Aspergers
Adults with Asperger's have many challenges.  The first of which is they were never diagnosed as a child because Asperger's was not recognized by many mental health professionals until about 15 years ago and even now many mental health professionals are not skilled in recognizing Asperger's, especially in females.  Females with Asperger's are frequently misdiagnosed because they do not present the same as males.   Arlene can diagnosis adults with Asperger's for a reasonable fee. Many clinics charge hundreds of dollars and use methods designed for children.

Life can be very difficult if you are married to someone with one of these disorders. I also do counseling to assist couples in learning new ways of understanding each other. 

Fortunately, there is hope. People with Asperger's are very intelligent and have a unique way of seeing the world and if given the right opportunities and circumstances, can be highly successful.